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Our Story

Pugs were never my favorite dogs. I've had upwards of 15 different dog in my life, and I never much cared for pugs because I didn't like how they looked. However, my longtime girlfriend absolutely adored pugs and on her 24th birthday, her mom got her a pug. At the time, we were moving from Los Angeles to New Jersey, and I had just finished my last day of work at Riot Games. She texted me, right before I got on the plane, letting me know she had gotten a pug. I wasn't particularly enthused but I figured it'd be fine if the pug, now named Peach, made her happy.
Fast forward to our first meeting and our first few months together, and I had completely fallen in love with the little puppy. She was just so insanely adorable in her mannerisms, constantly wanting to play and eat and just be around us all the time. Whenever I was working on games, she always had to climb up in my lap and take a nap, and we pretty much did everything together. My love for her and my girlfriend led me to start working on a simple card game as a Christmas gift, and after I had finished my early work on it, pretty much everyone told me the game was fantastic and I had to produce it professionally. I spent the next few months continuing to develop and strengthen the gameplay and research exactly how I wanted to approach production. I eventually settled on starting my own company, and I ran my first Kickstarter a few months after, surpassing my goal and allowing me to manufacture my first ever officially produced game.
I've continued making games just as I've always done, but now I have a company behind me to back up the work that I do and actually share the work I do with other people. I hope you have a chance to check out my games and thoroughly enjoy them!

Meet the Team

Peach and Ben

Ben Burkhardt and Peach

Founder and Inspiration

Game design enthusiast. Loves his dog. Committed to sharing the joy he has experienced with games by creating exceptional experiences for others.