Welcome to Cezium Games

Cezium Games was founded to publish the exciting new game, Pug Life, a game for anyone that enjoys quick, compelling game play and, of course, for anyone that loves dogs (and especially pugs). Our mission is to deliver quality games that are easy for anyone to pick up and play, while also providing fantastic, engaging themes and deep game play to make replayability exciting and fun.

To learn more about the game, stop by the official Pug Life page. Additionally, you can learn more about the design of the game through the blog Anatomy of a Pug's Life, and, if you subscribe to our mailing list, you'll receive an update once a month on new blog posts, new artwork, polls to assist with design, and anything else that will come up until publication. Also feel free to visit the Pug Life page on Facebook and follow the Twitter handle PugLifeTheGame for updates on the progress of the game.

Additionally, you can learn more about me, Ben Burkhardt, the designer and publisher of Pug Life, and Peach, the inspiration of the game, by visiting Our Story.